How Women Can Use Their Feminine Power With John Gray

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How Women Can Use Their Feminine Power With John Gray

Sexually Satisfy Your Woman And Give Her BETTER SEX Using These 7 Sex Tips

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Ways Women Orgasm – A Challenge of the Popular Beliefs About How and When Women Orgasm

It is assumed that every women orgasms and yet everyone wants to know about female orgasm. No one ever asks about male orgasm so what’s the difference? And why do women so often prefer to have sex within the context of a relationship?

Women’s Quite Different Experiences of Orgasm – Alone and During Sex

My experience of talking to women is that they give two quite different accounts of orgasm. EITHER they orgasm during masturbation alone but not with a partner. OR they orgasm with a partner but have little interest in masturbation alone.

Women’s Sexual Motivation and Understanding Sexual Politics of Heterosexual Society

The politics of heterosexual society is rarely explicitly acknowledged: (1) the imbalance between men and women’s interest in sex – including paying for pornography and sex, (2) the many women who admit that they consciously co-operate in love-making by faking their own arousal and orgasm and (3) the tremendous pressure on women to conform by describing sex as orgasmic – it’s the fantasy we all want to be true. Women do not have a biological sex drive. A woman agrees to have sex with one particular man once he has shown himself willing to romance her into bed. In return she hopes for affection, support, companionship etc.

Background Research to Understanding Female Orgasm – Part II Shere Hite

Shere Hite suggested that orgasm is easier by masturbation because the clitoris is stimulated directly. She also proposed that women orgasm by actively engaging on obtaining their xxx stimulation. She found that only 30% of women orgasm from intercourse. Anyone, whether male or female, learns to orgasm as a result of (1) Motivation – biological sex drive or intellectual curiosity, (2) Psychological arousal – being turned-on https://www.pornjk.com/tags/https-wwwxxx/ your mind and (3) Physical stimulation of the genitals – penis or clitoris.

Background Research to Understanding Female Orgasm – Part I Alfred Kinsey

My conclusions are that (1) women’s innate sexual responses only appear to differ between individuals, (2) that some women confuse sensual and emotional sensations with orgasm and (3) that a woman offers sex to a man in return for support and companionship. Alfred Kinsey concluded that women are much less sexually responsive than men are, that they do not approach sex already aroused as men do and that they orgasm most easily during masturbation.

7 Myths About Female Sexuality And The 1 Big Difference Between Men And Women In The Bedroom

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